Actor Auditions Platform

Mobile, Web


A European casting platform for filmmakers and actors


Solve the problem of grueling actor auditions and accelerate casting calls by developing a networking platform for filmmakers and actors.



Being filmmakers themselves, our Client’s team approached CPCS with a request to develop a platform that could: accelerate available casting calls by informing and connecting all the interested parties, provide potential actors with their profiles pitching opportunities, and leverage casting efforts with a one-stop database for filmmakers to find the required talent quickly and cost-efficiently.



The main technical task was to develop an online resource that helps actors to find legitimate casting opportunities. We also added the ability for members to submit their profiles to the casting calls which are instantaneously, and the ability for the film directors to preapprove these pitches.

This in turn attracts membership to our database with actor profiles, another technical requirement of the project. Actors can upload videos, picture galleries and other relevant information about their education and experience to their profiles. The intuitive database is a casting streamlining tool, that equips film directors with filters to search for the talent by age, gender, and location.

Production teams can post a casting call, and get seen immediately by actors from our database. Film makers can message directly to the actors they like and manage the talent selections from their ‘private cabinets’. The same tool is implemented for actors: they submit and read/send messages, have their events scheduled and logged.

Technology choice

  • Frontend software development – VueJS
  • Backend software development – Laravel
  • App development for Android – Kotlin
  • App development for iOS – Swift
  • Integrations / APIs – Yandex Kassa

Team and Duration

  • 2 backend engineers
  • 2 frontend engineers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 engineers for iOS
  • 1 engineers for Android
  • 1 QA engineers
  • 1 release manager
  • 1 business analyst
  • 0.5 year for the market release of the product


The platform designed together with the Client and developed by CPCS engineers has solved the problem of inefficient casting calls and leveraged actor auditions.

Film producers have now an unprecedent opportunity to get an access to the platform’s database with actors, search for the talent they need as well as preapprove prospective candidates, whereas actors can search for legitimate casting calls and submit their profiles via our professional networking tool.



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