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We are a company that brings to life original and effective solutions forming the intellectual future of humanity.
Each and every project of our client is our Product. We also believe that efficiency counts.
Established and clear development process, the most suitable technology choices together with the best practices and agility in everything we do is our way.



Art Objects’ Valuation

Perform real-time valuations of art objects, manage artwork collections, track the art market for best price fluctuations, share tradable objects with other users, etc.



Broadcasting Corporation Workflows

Save, organize and distribute digital media content.



Travel Risks Intelligence

Risks intelligence, protective intelligence, insurance sector



Bank’s CRM Automation

Fintech, Marketing



Electrostimulation Relief

Health, sports recovery



Motion Platform’s Control for 4D Cinema

Cinema business, electronic components of any system
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Our team is constantly developing and possesses comprehensive expertise allowing to help a client to bring The Idea to life.


Engineering requirements

To get a shared understanding of your business context and scope down the product discovery roadmap, we suggest starting with inception.


Estimating the development

Our design team delivers engaging products that leverage their owners to become unicorn companies. Established and clear design process is our way.


Delivering efficiently

We use Agile methodologies, the most suitable tools and best practices to deliver your product on time and within budget.

Established and clear development process, the most suitable technology choices together with the best practices and agility in everything we do is our way.
Our experience includes frontend cases with the technology range from basic HTML5 solutions to Angular/ReactJS/VueJS and Node JS applications; PHP projects including the most popular frameworks such as Symphony 2/3/4.
Using all possible technologies, we can deliver GPS-based, bluetooth low-energy, in-app-purchase and many other projects which aim to connect users, sell products and customize systems.
Over the years, we have accumulated expertise in the following areas: server applications, information systems with multiple front-end parts (web, mobile, desktop), applications for e-commerce, banking software.
Our mobile applications department has experience in delivering multipurpose iOS and Android, AR/VR applications for commercial, social, navigation, safety and educational industries.
Is your in-house team under a heavy load or you need a hand to release your product in time? We are open to offer both outsourcing and outstaffing models based on your project needs.
An outsourcing model presupposes hiring us for a project-based work. This model is suitable for businesses that are not very much technology-oriented and do not have their own in-house.
Outstaffing is a type of cooperation when our software development engineers perform all their roles’ responsibilities for your company being officially employed locally by us.
Choose your own unique model. This is usually a mixture of outsourcing and outstaffing. When our Clients who are technological corporations hire our team to deliver a particular project.
Established and efficient development process serve us as our north star.


C# GO JS Java PHP Perl Python Ruby Swift Typescript

Frameworks & libraries Angular Django Electron Falcon FastAPI Flask Ionic Laravel Next.js Nuxt Phalcon Rails React React Native Spring Symfony Vue.js Yii


DynamoDB MariaDB Microsoft SQL Server MongoDB MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL

Cloud services

AWS GCP Heroku

Continious Iintegration/Deployment

AWS Pipeline Bitbucket Cloud GitHub Actions GitLab CI/CD Travis CI

Testing and Quality Assurance

Codeception Cypress IO Jasmine Jest Karma Locust PHPUnit PyTest SeleniumHQ

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