PM Network



A platform where a professional audience can be reached via varied types of content to sell them related services and promote useful products.


To build a platform for project managers where these professionals can find useful content, network within clusters, and subscribe to professional trainings.



Our Client from the US approached CPCS with a vision to apply professional networking technique aiming to sell and upsell accompanying products and services. Namely, we were requested to develop a platform that would attract the Client’s end users — project managers — with varied types of content, including podcasts for project managers, influencers’ posts, professional articles, and ads on open positions. There was an additional request to integrate a few payment systems with the platform to equip the networking community with the possibility of instant purchases of trainings, seminars and courses within the platform.



Together with the Client we started our requirements gathering journey. It became obvious that the solution they already had could be partially used, migrated to another content management system, and the rest of the interfaces should be designed and added respectively. To migrate the Client’s WordPress website content to the newest version of WordPress CMS , which was the case of our collaboration on the project, our engineers used a number of WordPress plugins they installed in a semi-manual way. This was our strategy due to the fact that the content we were migrating didn’t fit into the categories of the final solution.

On the renewed platform, our engineers also realized these features: a multi-category blog, a sophisticated search engine, an interface with the platform’s list of events, a form where users can subscribe to these events and add them to their G-suit calendars. The subscribers’ ability to pay the events’ fees was realized via EventTribe tool. We also enabled end-user registration/authorization via LinkedIn API. This feature prefills all the fields needed for the registration purposes with the data shared via users’ LinkedIn profiles. We also designed and implemented new templates for all existent pages, for the whole platform to feel like one integrated solution.

Technology choice

  • WordPress
  • LinkdIn API
  • Eventbrite API
  • Airtable integration

Team and Duration

  • 1 backend engineer
  • 1 frontend engineer
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 6 months for the MVP


CPCS developed a networking platform for our Client to work on the product managers cloud. The industry professionals enjoy the platform’s blog, webinar series, and other types of content. All this engages the audience to subscribe to the paid courses and trainings suggested by the platform, which is one of the main revenue channels of our Client. The project was realized time- and budget-efficient via existent pages migration to another system, redesign of the pages’ templates, and development of new trendy features.



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