Broadcasting Corporation Workflows



Save, organize and distribute digital media content.


To keep a digital media giant’s content safe, categorized and delivered to varied channels.



Our Client is a digital media and broadcasting company located in the US. The Client approached CPCS with a request to support their distribution system for online content verticals and related web series. The main challenge we faced with was the system’s numerous integrations with third-party platforms and quite a complicated flow of their video assets tagging process for the categorization and distribution purposes.



To establish manageable processes of the video assets delivery to the Client’s business partners and end users, our business analysts suggested to develop and implement a few actionable solutions: simplify the flow of the video assets organization into catalogues, seasons, episodes, and shows; add an intuitive search option with filters; and fully automate all third-party APIs navigation and distribution tasks via our microservice solution.

To analyze and add data – namely, enhance the video assets tagging workflow – our engineers adopted AI and ML algorithms. Simultaneously, the search option we developed is capable to understand user requests via NLP methods. For users, the process of searching for a definite video starts with a simple text search, and then they can narrow down their search results with a range of filters. Namely, instead of manually skimming video clips, users can search for “black car” to find a video with these attributes.

Technology Choice

  • Frontend software development – Vue JS
  • Backend software development – PHP /
  • Laravel framework

Team and Duration

  • 3 backend engineers
  • 1 frontend engineers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 release manager
  • 1 business analyst
  • 1 QA


The main asset of our Client is digital media content. The asset is manageable and shareable now easily, no matter how many third-party integrations involved. Operational costs cut sufficiently due to automated workflows, this adds to the financial stability of the business. What’s more, due to the search option enhanced by AI, the media system has gained a few competitive advantages compared to its peers in the US and Canada media markets which in turn has resulted in new business opportunities for the Client.



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