Mobile Game for FinTech



Engage end users with a gamified marketing solution.


Develop a 3D-animated mobile game that motivates end users to follow a definite consumer pattern.



Our Client is a well-established Eastern-European FinTech company. The Client approached CPCS with a request to develop a gamified solution that would trigger end users’ motivation to transfer costs and make payments via Client’s iBoxes.



The solution our Client requested CPCS’s engineers to develop was a mobile game. The realization of the project meant to become the main strategic tool of the Client’s marketing team aiming to boost end-user payments and transfers via iBoxes.

The aim of the game is to build players’ own worlds rich with architectural artefacts. Therefore, our 3D graphic designers developed picturesque landscapes with cathedrals, churches, town halls, etc. To unlock the artefacts, end users need scores. By using the payment tool suggested, the players of our mobile game get equipped with the score credits needed. The players then can use these score credits to leverage the development of their own beautiful worlds within the app.

That was implemented via QR codes solution. The Client’s iBox customers – who also happen to be the players – receive these QR codes with their receipts. By scanning the QR codes with personal smartphones, the players automatically send a definite amount of score credits to their game profiles. This in turn allows to play the game quicker; namely, build the worlds in a more interactive and full of cool 3D artefacts manner.

Technology choice

Unity 3D (the application assembled for iOS and Android)

Team and Duration

  • 1 graphic designer
  • 2 Unity developers
  • 1 PM
  • 1 QA
  • 6 months for the end-to-end solution


CPCS experts developed a user-engagement solution for our FinTech Client. The mobile game we developed is used as a marketing tool by the Client’s business development teams. Applying the game as the key tool to reach iBox sales plans proved to be an efficient strategy. During the initial three-month campaign, our Client onboarded many new iBox customers and in general engaged up to 35 percent of end-users previously passive with iBox payments to follow corporate sales plans.



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