Travel Risks Intelligence

Mobile, Web


The app improves the quality and speed of travel risk assessment, insurance plans development, and protective operations by 80 per cent.


Mitigate risks for travelers/ citizens, reduce risk biases, and automate risk intelligence processes.



Quantitative assessment of crime, accident and health risks, both for local activities and while traveling to international destinations is an asset (corporate and/or individual). Our Client reported a need to develop such an asset both for quantitative and qualitative assessments.
Namely, travel risk analysts and protective intelligence professionals needed a solution that would empower them with actionable metrics and insights. The latest are needed to execute travel risk assessments and regional human resources management.



To reduce biases connected with travel risks and solve a number of other challenges, we started our product discovery session together with the Client. One of the main requirements for our travel risk intelligence (TRI) product was to develop an application that detects an end-user’s location and estimates relevant risks in real time, logging reports for both personal and managerial usage.

Our MVP estimates user risks for three American cities by their regions: Miami, New York, and Richmond. The quantitative risk assessment is performed via three criteria: criminal, accident and health level of risk. We are also proud to share that we have implemented near-live analysis of risks in our apps. By the way, CPCS has developed both Web and Mobile apps.

My Circle / Reports
Another prominent feature of our risk assessment app is called “My Circle”. This enables family members, friends, co-workers, and other related parties get location-based reports on the risk levels of their Circle members. Reports are available per a period of time, circle member, location/area, and per employee for corporate clients, etc.

Assessment by Regions
The TRI product’s clients can also benefit from our solution to include criminal vs safe locations (e.g. police stations) together with unsafe events (e.g. virus threads) into the app mathematical model. This ensures qualitative risk assessment by regions of a definite city. The admin panel is customizable and there is an option to add events that are congruent for your situation.

Miscellaneous Features
An easy-to-use payment solution is incorporated into the app. Account-based reports and risk exploration analytics via maps are available options to use. Another cool feature is that the speed with which an end user is moving around (e.g. speed of a travel by car, velo or on foot) is another differentiating factor for the quantitative analysis of risks.

Technology Choice

  • Frontend software development – ReactJS
  • Backend software development – Java
  • Native app development for iOS
  • PostgreSQL database, GIS module
  • Stripe payment system

Team and Duration

  • 1 backend engineers
  • 1 for iOS
  • 1 frontend
  • 1 project manager
  • 6 months for the MVP
  • 1.5 end-to-end solution


By developing this TRI product from scratch for Web and Mobile, CPCS filled the gap of quantitative assessment of crime, accidents and health risks, both at home and while traveling to domestic or international destinations. As a matter of fact, the TRI product is the world’s only one platform that delivers personalized risk assessments powered by near real-time data on the location, age, gender, status, speed and much more.



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